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Prambanan Indonesien - Prambanan
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The Prambanan temple is the biggest and a most beautiful Hindu temple about 18 km from Yogyakarta (Java island).

Prambanan Temple is beautiful temple, in fact, it is a group of temples. The biggest temple dedicated to Shiva with two other smaller ones, on its right and on its left, dedicated to Brahma and Wisnhu respectively. Reliefs decorating the walls of the temple depict the story of Ramayana.

Prambanan is located in a park with others temple : Candi Lumbung, Candi Bubrah and Candi Sewu.

If you stay in Yogyakarta, I advise you to visit, via an agency, two sites (Borobudur and Prambanan) in one day. You have about 2 hours on each site. It is enough unless you are love of Buddhist art in which case it is better to rent a car and visit one temple by day.

We recommend the very seriously agency "Sosro Tour & Travel" in the Backpacker district of Sosrowijayan Wetan street (email: It also organizes tours of the Javanese volcanoes known if you don't want to organize yourself.

About two temples visit (Borobudur and Prambanan), the price in 2009 is 80.000/pers (transport by minibus + driver + small meals for lunch) + 2 tickets to the temples (100 000 Rp / pers / temple).

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