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Мачу-Пикчу Перу - Мачу-Пик
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Перу The MACCHU PICHU, it is the Eiffel Tower of Peru. It is an old Inca city completely restored and opened to the tourists.

If you arrived by the way of the Inca in the early morning, you will attend the rising of the sun. Imposing!

It is also possible to go there by train + drunk since Cuzco.

It is into 1911 that Hiram Bingham discovered on the sides of Machu Picchu (the Old Summit in quechua) to 2350 m of altitude, of the ruins précolombiennes then infested snakes and dissimulated by the vegetation. Since its discovery, this granite city staged on several terraces, which overhangs the gorges of Rio Urubamba of the top of an abrupt mountain, remained surrounded by a deep mystery. II seems, indeed, that even for the time of the Inca Empire, the access was reserved by it to some elected officials. II probably acted of a sanctuary.

The city also shelters a royal mausoleum, a District of the prisons, modest dwellings and temples.

The Temple of the Three-Windows which gives on the central esplanade probably occupied an important place in the solar rites. Higher constructions of are than one thinks of being an astronomical observatory, whose element emblématique is certainly Intihuatana, strange block of cut stone which one thinks of being a solar calendar, left 'post to which one attached the sun', shades projected by the star on the stone allowing to plan the seasonal activities and the religious ceremonies.

Quite as remarkable is 'Torréon', massive tower round which dominates the city. Certain constructions of Machu Picchu counted a stage and in the beginning were capped with a thatched roof. The precision with which the stones of the buildings were cut and adjusted still astonishes the architects.

With the bottom of the city, in the district of the prisons, draws up the stone of the Condor, flat furnace bridge in the shape of condor. It is supposed that sacrifices were practised on this furnace bridge and that the small channel bored with addendum allowed the flow of the blood of the victims.

From there, an abrupt path climbs until the top of Huayna Picchu (the Young Summit). An exuberant vegetation covers the staircases and the terraces of this very close mountain and the rise is by places difficult. On the sides of Huayna Picchu é1ève a construction known under the name of Temple of the Moon, the top of which one has an extraordinary sight on the ruins of Machu Picchu and the valley of Rio Urubamba.

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