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Cayo Santa Maria Cuba - Cayo Santa Maria
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Cuba One of furthest away from the cayos on the Atlantic Ocean, the small island of Santa Maria is not connected less by it to the coasts of Cuba by a dam of 50 kilometers. Equipped with a vegetation and a wild fauna, Cayo Santa Maria is worth the turning either for a stay or for an excursion (possible since Santa Clara and Remedios). This being said, this small island counts nearly 20 kilometers of beaches hardly inhabited by some iguanas. There is the impression to be alone in the universe, with to have especially fallen the night, when the sun lies down over there at the horizon. Dispatch you to go there because the construction of a hotel is envisaged! Cayo Santa Maria proposes obviously all the traditional attractions of the beach, bathe, plunged with mask and tuba, sin, etc...

We visited this island while placing on the 'continent' with Remedios.

To go in Cayo Santa Maria you will have to cross a dam of 48 km and to pay a right-of-way of 2 $CUC by car. It is an island in full process of development. Like Cayo Coconut, it is equipped with an airport or the charters can land. It is at least what is planned for the future. We were in the beach Sol Cayo Santa Maria and discovered a beautiful beach or it is possible to admire crowned fish in water!

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