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Aruba 2009-09-29 - Aruba

Aruba is a small island located in the southern of the Lesser Antilles near the coast of Venezuela. The island with elongated shape has an area...

Yunnan - China 2009-05-30 - Yunnan - China

In China, southeastern Tibet, there is one of the most secret and most preserved of China : Yunnan云南. Border of Vietnam and...

Martinique 2009-01-20 - Martinique

The name 'Martinique' has been given by Christopher Columbus who discovered it in 1502. Martinique became French in 1635. It is a part of...

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Cuba Oh !!! This island was the first visited at the time of our tour in Cuba. A dam of two kilometers connects it to Cuba.

Good, that started badly because the national guards one makes us pay 5 $CUC/+ 1 $CUC for the parking. However, that is worth the cost because there is not really large world. 25 peoples on several km of beaches, that does it!!

The island is superb. You not should hesitate to go over the left of the beach (sometimes while going in the sea) to find corners quiet.

This island is the only place where we had a problem: be carrefful with the robbers in the bushes and the mangroves. 3 cuban individuals visited our bags during the 'sleep on the sun' of one among us. Consequences: - 1 short, - 40 $CUC - and the worst: the key of the rented car (which was in the shorts). Very quickly one among us ran (2,5 km) to the car in order to check that this one from does not go away and to prevent the national guards (by hoping that those are not accessory…).

The 3 others launched research in particular for the key of car. Without result. Finally one returned all by taxi with other tourists. Deposit of complaint to the police station of Vinales. The agency MICAR, which is present A Vinales, lent a Jeep for one day, and then Peugeot to us 206 to finish the travel.

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