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Peking (Kineski zid) Kina - Peking (Kineski zid)
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Kina Length of more than 6700 kilometers, this 10 meters broad wall and of more than 15 meters in height have a very long history. It is under the dynasty of Qin (221 - 206 before JC. ) that the Emperor 'Shihuangdi' ordered that one connects all the old walls to build a continuous line of walls.

The objective of this immense rampart was to fight against the incursions of the Mongolian nomads of North. In fact, it was a line of demarcation between the civilized world and the barbarian world. The Great Wall was very well designed. At regular intervals, drew up turns of guet. To prevent the capital of the time of the danger, soldiers emitted smoke markers of these turns at the strategic points.

It should not be forgotten that this Great Wall is also the symbol of tyranny: very many workmen and prisoners died of exhaustion during its construction. The Great Wall was baptized besides 'the largest cemetery of the world'. During one century one will have needed the participation of hundreds of thousands of workmen of which many prisoners. 180 million m3 of ground and 60 million m3 of materials will have been necessary to the realization of the Great wall.

The Great Wall is visiting in several places. More attended is Badaling (70 km of beijing, see photos). It is very tourist and that costs 40 Yuans. We can also visit the Great Wall on sites of Mutianyu (90 km), Simatai (110 km), Huanghua and Jingshanling to quote only the principal ones.

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