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Aruba 2009-09-29 - Aruba

Aruba is a small island located in the southern of the Lesser Antilles near the coast of Venezuela. The island with elongated shape has an area...

Yunnan - China 2009-05-30 - Yunnan - China

In China, southeastern Tibet, there is one of the most secret and most preserved of China : Yunnan云南. Border of Vietnam and...

Martinique 2009-01-20 - Martinique

The name 'Martinique' has been given by Christopher Columbus who discovered it in 1502. Martinique became French in 1635. It is a part of...

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Martynika Martynika
Martynika Martinique is an island in the eastern Caribbean Sea. It is an overseas department of France. Its official language is French, although almost all of its inhabitants also speak Antillean Creole (Créole Martiniquais).

The north of the island is mountainous (Mount Pelee, an active volcano) and lushly forested. The volcanic ash has created beautiful grey and black sand beaches in the north (in particular between Anse Ceron and Anse des Gallets), contrasting markedly from the white sands of Les Salines in the south.

The beaches from Pointe de Bout, through Diamant (which features right off the coast the beautiful Roche de Diamant), St. Luce, the town of St. Anne all the way down to Les Salines are very popular.

We started 2 weeks in family (2 children, 1 year and 8 years) for Martinique to change air ...

First, let me say that it is an ideal destination for children: French doctor and impeccable quality of care. Also in supermarkets all that is needed. However, the price is increased by 30%.

In the north, black sand beaches. In the south, white sand beaches. The highest summit is Mount Pelee.

Many cars on Fort-de-France and especially in the South - North in the morning.

In April, the air temperature hovered around 30 ° C and the water around 27 °C.

Power cuts were frequent during the second week. According to Martinique, several cut in 1 week remain exceptional.

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