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Indonezija Indonezija


Indonesia is located in south est of asia in the north of Australia.
The archipel is composed of 17 000 islands (see map).
About the relief, Indonesia is very volcanic, with nearly 150 active volcanoes, the culmination of Indonesia, the Puncak Jaya, is located in Irian Jaya, the western part of Papua and stands at an altitude of 5029m.


With an equatorial location, Indonesia has a tropical climate with alternating wet season and dry season. The best time to visit this country is from May to October.
Temperatures are warm all year, they varied between 25 °C and 35 °C depending on the time of the year. Be carreful, in the mountains, temperatures drop very quickly!
Sea water is approximately 28 °C all year.


Indonesia has a population of over 200 millions. Indonesia is not an Islamic state but it is the country of the world where there are more Muslims, with 86 % of Indonesian muslims. 9% of the population is Christian and 2% Hindu or Buddhist. Most Indonesian Hindus are Balinese (Bali island).


The official language is Indonesian. Don't worry, if you only want to do tourism, most people have some basic knowledge of english (especially in Bali).

Currency and prices

The currency is the Rupiah . In 2009, one euro = Rp 14 000 Life is cheap in Indonesia. 5 euros / meal. In Java, hotel rooms are less expensive than Bali. If possible avoid the peak season (July / August) because prices are multiplied by 2 or 3. Exemple of prices of double rooms:

  • Lombok - Gili Trawagan: 30 euros for a room with no AC and no hot water! => scam.
  • Bali - Pamuteran: $ 125 Masters villa (80 m² + 200 m² garden) with semi-private pool and Balinese bathroom price = excellent quality.
  • Java - Yogyakarta: 1 room in a losmen (cheap hotel) at 6 euros (cold water and no AC) => value for money.

Our trip

This trip was done as backpackers with no planning.

  • Java
    • Day 1: Arrival in Jakarta to 18.00.
    • Days 2 and 3: visit the center and the colonial district of Jakarta + transfer by night minibus to Yogyakarta.
    • Days 4,5 and 6: Visit of Yogyakarta, Barobudur temple and Prambanam temple + transfer to Surabaya.
    • Day 7: Surabaya -> Probolinggo -> Cemoro Walang (Mount Bromo)
    • Day 8: Mount Bromo + transfer by ferry to Bali (Pemuteran)
  • Bali
    • Day 9: Diving to Pemuteram
    • Day 10: snorkeling (fins, mask and snorkel) to Pulau Menjangan.
    • Day 11: Pemuteram -> Lovina , visit of Lovina
    • Day 12: visit of Gitgit (waterfall) and the region of Lake Bratan.
    • Day 13: Lovina -> Amed.
    • Days 14 and 15: snorkeling in the outskirts of Amed (Japanese wreck + USS Liberty wreck in Tulamben)
    • Day 16: Amed -> Gili Trawagan by fast boat + visit to Gili Trawagan
  • Lombok
    • Day 17: visit of Gili Meno.
    • Day 18: Gili Trawagan -> Senggigi (boat + bus).
    • Day 19: visit of the north coast of Senggigi.
    • Days 20 and 21: trek of the Segara Anak lake (Mount Rinjani).
    • Day 22: Rest in Sengiggi.
    • Day 23: Sengiggi -> Ubud (Bali)
  • Bali
    • Days 24 to 27: visit to Ubud and around.

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